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The Sultanate of Oman as a developing country, requires well organized development to its infrastructure to advance areas like transportation, renewable energy, health and tourism, information communication technology, Infrastructure and education to help Oman prosper.


Throughout Oman, we maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our work. IBC operates an integrated management system, combining quality, commercial and technical disciplines into a coherent approach. We recognize that everyone in our organization contributes to customer satisfaction.

IBC is a local company able to mobilize within the whole of Oman region at short notice and provide the service demanded by clients globally if they wish to invest in our country. We recognize the value of working directly with staff to develop tailored sustainable solutions that integrate quality systems and processes into the culture and practices of an organization.

Although IBC is a relatively new company, its management brings a wide network of knowledge and experience thought-out the sultanate of Oman. In many cases the contracts require understanding, knowledge and a wide network of relationships with ongoing business and government agencies', pioneering is essential, working closely with our clients to guarantee project goals are managed and met. All projects follow strictly controlled project plans and quality management systems.

As a new company, IBC is able to identify itself to meet the challenges of working in today's global market. The company's aim is to nature quality and talented staff within the business in which they harness their ability to use their creativity and skills to develop the potential needs of partners. We strongly believe that our success depends on the continued support we receive from our partners and ultimately helps to determine the best fit solution for our customers. The company is therefore an up and coming solution provider in the region, able to work with clients to achieve their goals. Working with business plans as our foundations in following all procedures and process maps which meet our partners requirements. Using clear goals and always keeping quality in mind, focus and success in the delivery of all projects is our primary goal. By using strategies to identify new opportunities and drive business process improvement throughout the country, leveraging us and our partners.


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